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What else posts here? Thanks for asking. Personal sharings on my Sunday Morning posts which I do try… but not always… post every Sunday. I’ve been reposting my old blog posts here and there’s the podcasts. I may do a video once in awhile here just for my subsribers.

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I am doing what I can to share the love and kill the Mockingbird. I’ve been banned from Twitter and Youtube. I’ve been restricted on Facebook where I’ve been since Yahoo 360 went down in 2009. I am slightly amazed I’m still allowed on Facebook but with the restriction I’ve been on for the last three years as of this post my reach has been very limited there. Should I get banned from fb, Substack will be my go-to site. It may be on that route already. It seems to be becoming the central hub for my efforts in the truth movement. I do endeavor to get out a maximum amount of intel out in a minimal amount of time. So I highly encourage my fb friends and all interested to subscribe to my Substack. I’ve been publishing Sunday morning posts for my friends on Facebook for over a decade and now post them here and share the link to it there. Also posting here whatever I may feel so inspired to write. That won’t be anywhere else. Substack may end up being the anchor for my presence on the web.

I do utilize dark mode whenever I can. Including here on Substack. Hence the dark backgrounds on some of what’s displayed in your email.


I had been kicking the idea around about publishing a podcast for years. Substack has that available. I am taking advantage of this. My podcasts are primarily scripture sharings with biblical research tips for my subscribers that show how God’s Word interprets itself. I may do one occasionally just for paid subscribers. Unless I feel compelled to do so I won’t be sharing the podcast links on social media. If you feel it would help someone you’re bringing into the light, please feel free to share the post with them. Whether it’s a podcast, video or Substack post. We go from Dark To Light together.

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What always helps all your favorite content providers is to like, comment on and share their posts. It gets that post into the algorithms that can put that post higher in the feed of that platform. I would appreciate the same support.

I am self employed. This ain’t it. I do what I can in order to help get truth out. Although I have made up for my business’s lost clients over the 2020/2021 plandemic scare for my stand against masking & vaxxing, I could be putting this effort into work. Or spending time with my family and friends. Or doing what I do with the time I have. You understand. I am always humbled at any and all appreciation shown through tips and/or sponsorship. I understand the biblical concept of giving and receiving. Done right. I don’t have much of an audience as yet but if you have an online business maybe we can work out a sponsorship where I can mention your endeavor in my posts. No porn, bitcoin and the such. It is available to Tip/Donate through Stripe.
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Minimal subscription is $10 a month. But you can certainly go with whatever rate that blesses you. It helps. Like most everybody I gotta work. It’s been a part time job for me since I got involved in The Great Awakening to offer assistance to whoever I can whenever I can. I lost accounts for my stand against masking ‘n vaxing. This is a low budget effort. I mean… I’ve got a raccoon for a producer!

It is available to tip or donate or subscribe in support of my efforts. Monthly, Annual and Founding Member subscriptions are available. All subscribers are included in my prayer list, paid subscribers at the top of that list. (Right up there with my family.)

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Email me for assistance if needed.

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All my social media platforms are linked on one page here on Substack. I post memes, news links, patriotic/scriptural encouragement and such. Be great to see you there! What ever server we might be in together! This preview posts in the Show Notes.

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Greetings From The Tennessee Smoky Mountain Foothills!
Hi. I’m Dave. aka JAD amongst Anons. A boomer approaching his mid 60’s at the start of this substack. Which seems to be the new concept of blogging. (I do try to keep up!) I’ve been told by many over the years I have a talent for writing. I do have a blog that can be found at…
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